Meet the RRKidz Team


Actor. Director. Educator. Student.

Favorite Storybook Character:
Spot… from the classic, See Spot Run.

Chief Executive Officer

Husband. Father. CEO. Movie Producer. Not allowed within 300 feet of employees so says the judge.

Favorite Storybook Character:
Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter
He faced his fears, found courage and became the hero.


Husband. Father. Investor. Engineer. Designer. Movie maker. G(yes, there is no ‘r’ here)eek philosopher. Tell me something can’t be done and I’ll consider that a challenge worth my time.

Favorite Character:
Underdog, from the TV series Underdog.

Chief Operating Officer
President, Digital Publishing

Sangita, of House Patel, first of her name, leader of the rainbows, wife of a genius, aunt to a magnificent niece and mother of dragons.

Favorite Storybook Character:
Encylopedia Brown
Curious. Adventurous. Problem Solver.

President, Global Strategy
and Business Affairs

Knowledge Seeker. Bridge Builder. Deals Sealer. Jet Pilot. Polyglot. Trophy Wife. Den Mother. Mean Left Uppercut.

Favorite Storybook Character:
The Prince from the The Little Prince.
“What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Chief Financial Officer

Surfer. Wanderer. CFO in hiding.

Favorite Storybook Character:
Samwise Gamgee, Lord of the Rings

Head of Marketing

Digital Diva. ABBA Lover. Recovering Chocoholic.
Wine Enthusiast.
Born in Sweden. Raised in Alaska. Mother to three humans, two dogs, and one cat.

Favorite Storybook Character:
Nancy Drew
She’s bold, brave, independent and has positive traits from both gender roles.

Director of Engineering

Rad dad. Hacker of things. Part-time vegetarian. Prays for snow. Aspiring hipster. Expert parallel parker.

Favorite Storybook Character:
Olivia, Olivia and the Fairy Princesses
She goes against the grain.

Director of Product

Game designer. Digital book developer. Magician. Capoeirista. Dad.

Favorite Storybook Character:
Scuppers, The Sailor Dog
He builds a house out of driftwood, sails to exotic ports
and likes shiny buttons.

Creative Director

Husband. Awesome Uncle. Father to Furry Critters. Pencil to Paper. Mouse to Pixels. Solutions to Problems

Favorite Storybook Character:
Harold, Harold and the Purple Crayon
You learn that you can create something from nothing.

Producer, Video Field Trips

Cynic in training. Probably forever.

Favorite Storybook Character:
Max, Where the Wild Things Are